Making A Change

Making a change...when is it time to change my mattress?


Making A Change


When is it time to change my mattress? On average, we spend about 26 years of our lives asleep. And if that wasn’t enough, we also spend an additional seven years trying to get to sleep. That means that over a third of our lives are spent in bed! So, when it comes to investing in a new bed or mattress, it’s important to get it right.


What the Experts Say


According to the Sleep Council, we should be thinking about replacing our mattress every seven to eight years. And their reasons for recommending this range from the practical to the outright gross. After eight years, your bed will be…


  • Heavier, due to the 1.5m dead skin cells and 25ml of sweat that we shed every hour asleep
  • Less supportive after losing shape and strength
  • Home to millions of dust mites, which defecate on the mattress and feed on human skin
  • Might contain bed bugs, which love the moist, warm seams in a mattress


Why We Buy?


Most of us are blissfully unaware of some of those fairly gross aspects of an ageing mattress (although you probably won’t be anymore!). And so, when we decide to make a change, which we do on an average of once every twelve years, it’s often for a variety of other reasons, as recent research by Sussex Beds has revealed. The most popular reasons included:


  • The age of the mattress (43 per cent)
  • A change in circumstances (23 per cent)
  • Discomfort when sleeping (30 per cent)



How Customers Research


According to our research, when first starting out on a search for a new bed or mattress, around a quarter of us will begin by looking through a leaflet or brochure, around a  third of us will search online and just over half will go to a store to have a look.


How Customers Buy


A recent survey by the National Bed Federation (NBF) found that, for the first time, in 2017 more people bought their new beds and mattresses online rather than in store (51 per cent compared to 49 per cent).


Price Matters


But whether online or in store, UK shoppers love a bargain. According to the NBF, we are more sensitive than our European counterparts when it comes to price. 51 per cent of us citing the cost of a new product being the main factor influencing a purchase, compared to 41 per cent of Europeans who felt the same.  Indeed, 41 per cent of those questioned in the UK stated that they would only buy a bed or a new mattress if it was on sale!


What Customers Buy


When it comes to shopping, the NBF also recently found that:


  • Although the number of people choosing king size has increased (31 per cent, up from 24 per cent in 2016) the standard double is still the best selling size (44 per cent).


  • Pocket springs are still the most popular mattress core (44 per cent), with memory foam the most popular comfort layer (38 per cent).


  • Compared to 2016, the average price paid for a new bed/mattress has risen by six per cent to £505, with the under-35s spending the most (average spend £535).


  • Mattresses and bedsteads now account for a quarter of all sales (up from 21 per cent) . At the same time divan sets have declined to 17 per cent (down from 22 per cent). This suggests that the popularity of the traditional divan set might be on the wane.


  • 65 per cent of those aged over 55 bought a mattress on its own (without accompanying bed), compared to just 45 per cent of the under-35s.