Time to Adjust

woman stood beside adjustable bed with man holding black controller time to adjust

As a nation we are getting better at looking after our health and have a thorough understanding of the importance of balanced nutrition and the positive impact exercise has on our lives.

While we can care for ourselves when we are awake, when we retire to bed the situation can change…it’s time to adjust.

When we retire to bed the physical act of getting into, and out of, bed can be difficult for some. Those with a medical condition can need additional support overnight. Common problems can have a detrimental effect on sleep. These include poor circulation, respiratory illnesses and chronic pain conditions like arthritis.

With these types of ailments many people try to bolster or prop themselves up with pillows or rolled towels to try to alleviate discomfort. However, inevitably these temporary supports tend to move out of position. This can invariably result in the pain being intensified. Instead of cramped and unsupported positions, the best option is to consider investing in an adjustable bed and mattress.

Adjustable beds are for everyone

These beds aren’t just for people with medical problems though. For those who like to watch television in bed they can create the perfect position.  Those who spend a lot of time on their laptops or mobile devices are able to elevate the top of the bed. This can offer perfect posture positioning without straining the neck and back.

Sussex Beds is home to the Adjusta-Bed range

They feature a five-fold motorised base that supports different areas of the body to meet the individual’s preference. There are also three co-ordinating mattresses to choose from. This means that position, comfort and support can all be exclusively catered for.

The Adjusta range also comes in a variety of colours and fabrics. Therefore it is not only the perfect bed for health needs. It can co-ordinate with the room’s decor. These beds can help retain independence. They offer the ability to adjust from a lying to sitting position. Furthermore they can assist medical conditions. All at the touch of a button.

VAT Free Eligible?

An adjustable bed can also be purchased VAT-free. People with certain medical conditions or disabilities are eligible. This could offer a fifth off the price tag, resulting in considerable savings. So it’s worth checking eligibility before investing in the most wonderful night’s sleep ever.