Our Summer Sleeping Tips

Summer sleeping tips as temperatures soar

You may be enjoying the arrival of the hot weather but sadly there’s a downside to all good things. As temperatures soar, more of us are likely to experience problems when it comes to dropping off and staying asleep at night.

We have put together some summer sleeping tips to help. We’ve all experienced it. The uncomfortably clammy nights when sleep seems elusive. Your bedroom is too hot and there’s no breeze to cool you down. In fact, a recent survey found that 80% of us sleep better in cooler weather. The science behind this explains why. A drop in our core body temperature releases a hormone that induces sleep. So our internal thermostat needs to drop before we can actually ‘drop off’.

Conversely, if your room is too warm it will have opposite effect and wake you up. Experts agree that the perfect temperature is somewhere around 60-80 degrees. However, there are other factors involved in our daily summer routines. They may also play a part in the disturbance of sleep during these sunnier months.

Of course, we’re dedicated to getting you a good night’s sleep. So to help you enjoy the summer nights as much as the days, we’ve put together a few summer sleeping do’s and don’ts:

  1. Do take a shower or bath before bed. It might be the last thing you feel like doing but, as most parents have experienced when it comes to bedtime routines, this does actually work. The drop in body temperature as you come out of the water mimics the temperature adjustment needed for sleep. Changing into fresh, cooler clothes also has a similar effect.
  2. Don’t take that tempting siesta. Whilst it might be tempting to follow the tradition established in warmer countries, having a nap during the day can interrupt your normal sleeping pattern and natural rhythm. If a nap is the only way to get through the day, make sure you don’t sleep for too long and avoid dropping off in the later afternoon.
  3. Don’t drink caffeine or energy drinks in the evening. The growing popularity of summer cocktails containing caffeine such as Espresso Martinis means we often overlook that we’re drinking during those late summer evenings out. Energy drinks also have the same effect. The bad news is that caffeine and stimulants stay in your system for up to 12 hours so your sleep will be impaired.
  4. Do invest in a blackout blind. As the mornings become lighter, our bedrooms become brighter. Our bodies look to signals such as the changing light to naturally wake us up. These conditions can rob us of hours of valuable sleep. A simple blackout blind can keep your room darker for longer and encourage your body to rest.

Your bed can also help you get the sleep you need during the hot spells. For example the Nectus Therma Gel range keeps you cool whilst regulating your core body temperature. Using ThermaGel™  technology, it not only conducts away excess heat, it also releases warmth when your body temperature gets too cold.

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