Take a look at our Spinal Therapy range of orthopaedic mattresses and beds developed alongside Osteopath Christian Bates to ensure good spinal support whilst in bed.

Also designed with heavier sleepers in mind, using reinforced springs tested to take weights of up to 30 stone per sleeper.

The Facts

If you were asked what part of your body was the most important you might say your heart as it pumps your blood, your liver as it clears you of toxins, or your bowel as it contains most of your immune system and breaks nutrients down to keep you alive. You probably wouldn’t think of your spine, would you?

But what is amazing about your spine is that it supplies all of your organs. Every single one, with a nerve that controls how it functions.

Let me put it another way. If your spine is NOT functioning well it can alter how you feel and function on a day-to-day basis.

In fact, in Osteopathy we have a saying: ‘Structure Governs Function’. So your structure – your spine, your joints, your muscles, your ligaments etc. rule how you function.

Christian Bates BSc(Hons) Ost, DO, ND Osteopath and Author.
The Perrymount Health Clinic, Haywards Heath.

Choosing the correct mattress for a good spine alignment in bed is an essential part of keeping your spine healthy.

If your mattress is too soft your spine will dip into the mattress creating a curve, if your mattress is too firm this can also cause the spine to be pushed out of alignment, this over time will put stress on your spine leaving you open to back injuries.

The Spinal Therapy range has been developed to give good spinal support. Using a selection of firm reinforced springs with reinforced foam or latex-like toppers. This ensures great support for your spine and extra comfort from the fillings and zoned spinal pads. The result is that your body and spine are being well supported while you sleep peacefully at night.


The Spinal Therapy range is also popular with many heavier sleepers. The mattresses are all rigorously tested to take up to 30 stone in weight. They are also covered by a 10 year warranty.