The Solution to Sleep Separation

The Solution to Sleep Separation

Sleeping in the same bed promotes a sense of togetherness

Recent research has shown that sharing a bed with your partner, rather than slinking off to the spare room, is good for your relationship. Sleeping in the same bed promotes a sense of togetherness. Therefore in turn releasing our feel-good hormones. This is fine if both of you are able to get comfortable, and share similar sleep patterns.


No two humans are the same

But, for many of us this ideal just doesn’t work in reality. Lying next to a fidgeting partner or being woken by your other half as they get up to use the toilet can drive the best of us to the sofa. It’s also important to remember that no two humans are the same.  We all come in a range of heights, weights and sizes. Furthermore this means when it comes to our ideal mattress – what’s comfortable for one, may not be for the other.


Aches and pains in the morning

Inevitably mattresses are purchased to one person’s preference and the other partner has to make do. This can cause more than tension in the bedroom. It can also result in aches and pains in the morning, leaving you or your partner tired and irritable from a lack of valuable shut-eye and back support.


One in four couples are regularly sleeping separately

Differing body shapes and sleeping positions can have a negative effect on a couple’s ability to sleep in the same bed. Especially if there’s a noticeable weight difference between both, or they’re returning to sleep on a cheap mattress, with little support. As a result, one in four couples are regularly sleeping separately in a bid to get comfortable.


How to select what’s right for you

Typically, softer mattresses are better for a light person or child. Whereas a heavier individual would generally require a firmer base to give the extra support their body needs. So, rather than being stuck with a soft or hard mattress, how can you create a perfect compromise when one size most definitely doesn’t fit all?  Now there’s a solution to keep everyone happy, and help couples get back to sharing a bed without the pain.

Different tensions on each side

Leading bed manufacturer Marquis & Moore has created a mattress to cater for different tensions on each side. Known for their innovation in comfort, Marquis & Moore is one of the very few companies that offers ‘split tension’ on its king and super king size mattresses. This means that two people can sleep harmoniously as each half of the bed is chosen for the individual’s preference. Subsequently resulting in both people being perfectly supported overnight which optimises good spine alignment.

Most comfortable rest ever

What’s more, the mattress is handmade as one complete unit so there are no awkward zips or dips in the middle of the bed when people roll over at night. With a history that spans more than 100 years, you can sleep easy when investing in a Marquis & Moore mattress knowing that they contain the finest, natural fillings and materials for the most comfortable rest ever.

Snuggled together on a bed made for two

Throughout September we’re offering Part Exchange on your old bed or mattress. So you could get up to £200 off your new Marquis & Moore mattress and many other products. What better way to end your nights of sleep separation, than snuggled together on a bed made for two?


For more information on the Marquis & Moore range visit our webpage call 03300 583200 to speak to a sleep advisor.