Our smart Nectus innovations are researched and developed in Europe. This provides you with the most scientific advances in mattress technology and sleep comfort.

The nectus ThermaGel™ Collection combines high quality materials with truly luxurious comfort and support.

ThermaGel™ technology is the very latest leap in Gel comfort with the phase change properties. ThermaGel™ not only conducts away excess heat, it also releases warmth when your body temperature gets too cold.
The reactive phase change materials work to keep your body near 30 degrees Celsius, the ideal sleep temperature.


Christian Bates
Osteopath & Naturopath
BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND

The Perrymount Clinic
Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Nectus ThermaGel is proven in medical application to help reduce the discomfort of pressure. Make in Europe and certified by CertiPUR