Smart Nectus Innovations.

Researched and developed in Europe to provide you with the scientific advances in mattress technology.

Are you disturbed by hot sweats or feeling chilly in bed?

Using superfast climate technology,

Nectus Therma-Gel will keep your body at the optimum comfortable temperature.

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close up of white diamond quilted mattress surface

The phase change crystals inside the mattress respond to your body temperature. Absorbing excess heat

if you are feeling hot, or release stored heat when you are cold.

The memory technology in Nectus Therma-Gel allows for even weight distribution, gently soothing away pressure

points by contouring to your unique body shape.

There are the three mattresses in the Nectus Therma-Gel range, offering a range of sleeping comforts and tensions.

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Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust resistant for an improved nights sleep. Hypoallergenic materials inhibit the growth of allergy-affecting microorganisms like dust mites, bacteria, and fungus.

Therma-gel is a high density visco-elastic material, infused with unique phase-change gel crystals and a copper infusion. This provides optimum levels of comfort, support and pressure relief, essential for a restful night's sleep.