Mindful dreams

women floating above a pasture with her head on a pillow

Mindful dreams

When our heads hit the pillow and drift away to the land of nod for the night, the brain passes through five stages of sleep.  From stage one, which is a light sleep, through to a deep sleep at stage four.  Stage five though is known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which usually occurs between 70 minutes and an hour and a half after we fall asleep. At this stage we encounter mindful dreams.

DreamsIt is at this REM stage when we begin to dream and can experience up to six dreams during this period.  However, a large percentage of the population don’t remember them on waking.  If you are one of the few people that does remember your dreams, you’ll possibly have wondered what they meant.  Here we talk about the reported meanings and hidden messages your dreams might be telling you.

Teeth loss

This is a very common dream and is associated with anxiety in our waking lives, possibly because people are conscious of how they look and are presented to the outside world.


Nudity in public would be embarrassing for most people, so the experts agree that this dream represents vulnerability.    Maybe the sleeper has just received a promotion at work or is faced with having to speak in a large audience.  These, and similar situations, could cause a person to conjure up this mortifying situation.


Covers around 71 percent of the world’s surface and is paramount for living things to survive. So it’s not surprising water commonly crops up in dreams.  The clarity and motion of the water can dictate how our emotions are being dealt with.  The clearer and calmer the water, the more positively we are dealing with our outlook on life.


Babies in our dreams often represent something new. It could be that you want to extend your family, but normally the meaning is more general.  From a new home to a hobby, these dreams are positively displaying growth and change in the future.


Chasing or being chased can feel like a nightmare, but it is translated as an empowering dream which is guiding the person to directly deal with something that has been lingering over them.


Falling in a dream usually underlines that something in the person’s life needs urgent attention.  Maybe there are bills that must be addressed, or they are losing control at work.  Either way the dream should kick-start action.


This has the opposite meaning though.  The act of being able to fly in a dream should inspire a person to stop worrying as the situation will naturally sort itself out.


Can have many meanings.  If you are colouring hair in a dream it can reveal that you are covering something up in daily life.  White or grey hair indicates knowledge and wisdom.  But be aware if you have bugs in your hair as it displays confusion in life.


Celebrity images bombard people on a daily basis so it is not surprising that dreaming of a celebrity is quite commonly reported. It is suggested that people who dream about famous personalities should look at the qualities they respect about the person and utilise that skill or talent in their own daily lives to overcome an outstanding problem.

Many people suggest that the best way to analyse your dreams is to keep a dream diary where you record the images and story on waking.  By keeping the journal, a person can reflect and learn from what their dreams are trying to communicate to them.  Don’t worry if you can’t remember your dreams, not being able to recall them is often deemed as lucky!

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