Do you know someone wonderful?

Young confident woman in red cape and mask

Do you know someone wonderful?

Winston Churchill once said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Do you know someone wonderful?

An estimated 14.2 million people volunteer at least once a month in the UK*. Our neighbourhoods are better places because of the tireless efforts of those who give their time and energy for others. These amazing individuals quietly utilise their talents to serve others, whether at home or in the wider community.

This band of people don’t do it for the acclaim – but we think they deserve some. So, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our very first community-focused competition – the Wonderful Awards – to uncover these unsung heroes across the South East.

Since Sussex Beds was founded in 1981 by John and Sandra Pickering, our family-run business has had the privilege of getting to know our customers within many local communities over the last 30 years, and we’ve heard so many amazing stories of selfless giving and charitable benevolence.

What we are looking for.

The Awards aim to recognise those who do something outstanding, and reward the deserving. Perhaps your neighbour works for the emergency services, or a member of your family cares for someone. If you think they deserve recognition, we would love to hear from you. Winners will receive a bed from Sussex Beds worth up to £2,000, because the least they deserve is a great night’s sleep.

We want to shine a spotlight on these local stars and say thank you for the work they’re doing. In today’s modern world, we’re so busy with work and family life that it can be hard to see ways in which we can contribute, so we’re positive the Wonderful Awards will inspire us all to take opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Let us know your nominee.

If you have someone in mind, we’re now accepting nominations and the process couldn’t be easier. Simply email with a short description of the nominee and why they deserve to win, including their contact details and location. Please include your own name and contact details so we can get in touch if your entry is successful. A shortlist will be drawn up and the winner announced later in the year. The Awards will run across several different regions, so look out for more details on our website, on our social media pages and in the local press.

We look forward to hearing about your selfless stars very soon.

If you have any questions about the Awards, please call on 03300 583200, or pop into your local Sussex Beds. Use the Branch Finder to find your nearest store.