‘Inspiring’ volunteer recognised for Sussex community work

lady in wheelchair and man on bed with their thumbs up and happy

‘Inspiring’ volunteer recognised for Sussex community work

An 'Inspiring' volunteer from Peacehaven has received Sussex Beds’ first Wonderful Award for ‘helping others as a volunteer despite living with a disability’.

Sarah Baverstock, 39, who was nominated by family friend Karen Mayo from Newhaven, has won a bed of her choice worth up to £2,000.

Karen’s nomination told of Sarah’s personal determination. She has won horse riding and carriage driving competitions against able bodied and disabled riders. Also learning to drive a car, so she doesn’t have to rely on others - despite being a wheelchair user.

Sarah has been working as a volunteer since she was aged 19. She is currently works with teenagers at a youth club in Peacehaven and at Harbour Primary and Nursery School in Newhaven.

Karen said, “Sarah has never let her disability get her down. She is always smiling and has spent her life helping others. I know she loves her work and does not expect rewards. But I think she deserves to win because she is always putting others first and she has never felt sorry for herself.

“Not only does she bring joy to the children, staff, and teenagers, but she also gives them an insight into disability. She helps them recognise it’s not something to be frightened of. Sarah brings joy to all who meet her and always leaves a lasting impression.”

Deserving winner

Steve Pickering, MD of Sussex Beds, said, “The awards were created to find those in the community who deserve a great night’s sleep. We stood united on deciding that Sarah should be our first winner for all the hard work she unselfishly undertakes. Congratulations, Sarah!”

Nominations for further Wonderful Awards are now open and people are being urged to put names forward. To make a nomination email wonderfulawards@pmwcom.co.uk with a short description of the nominee. Why they deserve to win, their contact details and the area they live in. Please also include your own contact details. We look forward to hearing from you!