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Great sleep can change your life.

When we have slept well, we're happier, more productive, make better choices and better relationships.

It makes us ready to take on anything.

That's why Nectus Hybrid uses industry-leading mattress technology, along with years of expertise,

to create a unique formula.

end of nectus hybrid divan bed - Sussex Beds
black and white image of man laying in bed - Sussex Beds
tufted mattress with cushions on top - Sussex Beds

The mattresses in the Nectus Hybrid range are filled with naturally wonderful materials. They each have a pocket sprung core for comfort, micro pocket springs to cradle your body.

 Talalay latex for the dreamiest amount of pressure relief and buoyancy.

There are the three mattresses in the Hybrid range, offering a range of sleeping comforts and tensions.

top of a cotton plant with cotton bolls used in nectus hybrid mattresses

All Hybrid mattresses are topped with a 100% natural blend of cotton and wool for a sleep surface that regulates your temperature, and wicks away moisture. It's this unique combination of industry-leading technology that makes the Hybrid mattresses unlike any other.

two sheets of 4 inch deep latex used in nectus hybrid

Latex is antimicrobial and breathable, as its open cell structure promotes air circulation and enhances cooling properties, helping the mattress stay fresh and healthy.

View through trees in a forest