It’s Halloween – don’t have nightmares!

It’s Halloween – don’t have nightmares. Halloween is approaching, and it seems that everywhere we look there are witches and wizards, ghosts and goblins. With all this horror on the high street – and on our doorsteps come October 31st – you could be forgiven the odd sleepless night or even a nightmare or two.

Here at Sussex Beds we don’t want you to suffer bad dreams – in fact it’s our mission to help you have a great night’s sleep, whatever the season. Dreams (the non-scary variety) are an important part of healthy sleep. They happen during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage, a phase of the sleep cycle during which the brain processes memories and emotions, helping us to think clearly and problem-solve during the day.

When you have a poor night’s sleep, the REM phase suffers the most, and the deficit can lead to memory problems and difficulty making decisions during the day.

So if Halloween spookiness has left you or your kids struggling to drop off, try following our five natural tips to get back on track:

  1. Imagine yourself in a calming place, perhaps a quiet beach or a beautiful garden. Wander through the scene, using your senses to imagine sights, sounds and smells. The effect will relax your mind and body – and with luck you’ll soon be snoozing.
  2. Moon breathing. This is a yoga technique that involves covering the right nostril with your thumb and breathing deeply through the left nostril only. Left-nostril breathing is connected to moon energy, calmness and sensitivity. Sounds a little too New Age-y for you? Give it a go – you’ve nothing to lose!
  3. Rewind the day. This works best if you’ve had quite a boring day, as the idea is to scroll back through everything you’ve done, in all its mundane detail. This should be such a tedious process that you’ll fall asleep before you’ve reached the point where you filled up your car at the petrol station or loaded the dirty plates into the dishwasher . . .
  4. Trick your brain. Tell yourself that you actually want to stay awake. If you manage to convince yourself, you’ll feel positive and calmer, and in turn you’ll be more likely to drop off.
  5. Check the temperature. A cool bedroom is far better than a stuffy, over-heated space. Keep the window slightly open to let the fresh air in – or if you prefer to keep windows shut, at least air the room in the morning and for an hour before bed. Your bedding and mattress also help to control your body temperature – as winter approaches, switch to a higher-tog duvet and consider investing in a mattress which adapts to the seasons, such as the Marquis & Moore seasonal turn range.

Happy Halloween and sweet dreams from all of us at Sussex Beds!