The basis of good back health-advice from osteopath Christian Bates

the basis of good back health christian bates

The basis of good back health explained. Beds are often the largest piece of furniture we will purchase for our homes. Their central function, to provide a restful night’s sleep is vital to our day to day wellbeing. However they also need to be aesthetically pleasing, to fit in with our decor and style.

For many of us, the decision to purchase a new bed can be a long and arduous process. What type, material and ‘look’? All questions that add to the complexity of the choice. Which means we continue to sleep on unsuitable beds for longer than we should. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Leading osteopath Christian Bates works with Sussex Beds to help tackle the issues that arise from sleeping on beds that fail to offer the right support. This month, Christian is looking at the types of bed bases available.

Christian comments “If you’re thinking of replacing an old mattress, it’s also worth looking at the bed base to ensure it’s still up to the job, as this can impact on your sleep and spinal health. The options include

The Divan Base

An upholstered box on which the mattress sits. Heavier mattresses should be placed on a divan for greater durability. The three main types are:-

  1. Solid platform top-a flat hardboard base for a firmer sleeping experience, good with latex or memory foam beds.
  2. Sprung edge divan-a base with pocket springs or coils placed on top of the frame and underneath the mattress, which act as shock absorbers and provide a softer surface.
  3. Firm edge divan-heavy springs placed inside a wooden frame, so the bed sides are solid.

The Bedstead

Bedsteads or bed frames can be a real style statement and come in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and upholstered. The options include:

  1. Flat base or metal grid-for a solid platform and firmer sleeping surface.
  2. Slatted base-comprising of strips of wood placed in rows of equal distance. These can be hard, with little give, or springy due to the natural bow of the wood. The smaller the gap between the slats, the ,greater the support, and the more hard-wearing the bed.

But remember-try before you buy! Test the mattress and bed combination together, so you are comfortable that your decision will suit you for many years to come.

Sussex Beds are offering 20% off all bed frames this month when purchased with any mattress. With a 30 night trial, we can guarantee you’ll find the right one for you.