Getting Rid of Your Old Bed? Make Sure you Dispose of it Safely

large green skip with mattress inside

Getting Rid of Your Old Bed? Make Sure you Dispose of it Safely

Spring cleaning is in full swing in homes across the county. For many families this time of year can present the ideal opportunity to refresh tired, old and broken furniture. Are you considering replacing your bed? and getting rid of your old bed? Make sure you dispose of it safely.

If you are having a clear out and have decided you’re going to treat yourself to a new bed, headboard or mattress we’re on hand to help. But we can also help you take care of your old items.

A bed or mattress can’t be thrown out with the everyday rubbish but there are plenty of ways you can safely dispose of such bulky items.

large green skip with mattress inside

Sussex is home to several household waste and recycling sites, which can take your old furniture, no matter its condition, and many of them are open seven days a week so there’s no excuse for not getting down there.

If transport is a problem, you can arrange for your local borough or district council to collect and dispose of your old furniture for you. Councils normally charge a small fee for this service but through it you are buying peace of mind, knowing your unwanted items are being disposed of safely and properly.

Fly Tipping Menace

Unfortunately, old mattresses are some of the most common items to be illegally fly tipped. This eyesore problem costs the country an estimated £100m – £150m every year in clean-up costs and investigation work. In East Sussex alone, town hall leaders said fly tipping cost the county £180,000 in the 2015/16 financial year.

Householders have a duty of care to get rid of their rubbish properly. Failing to do this can result in hefty fines.

Donate to charity

If your old bedframe or headboard is still in good condition. Maybe you can consider donating your furniture to charity. St Peter and St James Hospice, Age UK and Emmaus in Portslade, are among the charities locally that accept furniture donations.

We can help

The Sussex Beds team are also on hand to help you dispose of your unwanted bed in the right way. We offer an eco-disposal service to customers – taking away their old mattress/frame, while dropping off their new one.

Binned beds are processed and sent to a specialist centre where more than 90% of their materials are recycled. So as well as knowing your mattress has been safely disposed of. You can be safe in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the environment.

All we ask is that your old items are dismantled before we arrive. This way we can get them out of your home quickly and easily. To find out more about our eco-disposal service, call the team on 03300 583200 or pop into one of our Eight Branches