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Are you awake?

As we countdown to the end of 2017, you will have Clocked up 2,920 hours in Bed! It may be time for a bed and mattress MOT. Click Here for your free MOT……… To enhance your bedroom design project, you can actually design and build your new bed? Your bed, your style.

According to bed designer Simon Horn by the end of this year, you will have spent 2,920 hours sleeping! We spend one-third of our lives in bed. If you live until you are 90 this means 30 years of sleep! How does that make you feel? Cheer up!

It’s the bed that you buy and how you dress it!

No doubt you have started thinking about redesigning your bed space to treat yourself for Christmas, if not, it is worth considering this comment from Good Housekeeping Magazine “We should give the bedroom time – don’t put off decorating your bedroom. Treat it with the same care as your living room and dining room, after all you are one-third of your life in it”. On that note, this week we would like to talk about bed design. First of all your bed is the centrepiece of the sleep space, it is going to play a large role and it is essential that you make the right choice. Also, the easiest way to lift the mood and ambience of your bed space is to replace bedding with soft sheets and smart a duvet cover.

white duvets rolled up

When it comes to buying a new bed instead of choosing something standard why not Design and Build your own! We really mean it! Does that sound like too much work?  We wouldn’t do that to you!

With many of our ranges you can mix and match different bases with different headboards, then have them made up in a great selection of fabrics and colours to suit the decor in your bedroom.

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Mattresses play a huge role in your relaxing retreat

The choice of mattress you make will depend on three key factors:

(a) that it has the correct density to accommodates any physical requirements you may have;

(b) that it meets all safety legislation;

(c) that it has an assured lifespan.

Here are some details on bed making company of note Marquis & Moore going since 1889

luxury pocket spring bed with grey base

The springs

Bedmaker Marquis and Moore tells us what’s inside their Mattressesinside each evenly positioned pocket coil, is a second, smaller one that settles at the base of the outer spring.  This unique spring has a soft Comfortable feel that responds to variable pressures, two springs half the workload and ensure the system continues to support you properly for the lifetime of the bed”.  You can’t escape the close attention given to the construction process, to try one follow this link to find your nearest storeClick Here

The fillings

from Marquis & MoorePosturfil: “As the name suggests, Posturfil is a mini pocket spring layer which offers support to the natural arch of the lumbar region it is a cross between a spring and a filling and is a superior recyclable alternative to polyurethane foam used in many mattresses. As the spring is under tension within the pocket, it will never lose height and is an important element of retaining the loft of the mattress. Typically there are 1000 Posturfil in each layer of a king size (150cm) mattress.

pocket springs and wool fillings in a mattress factory

Innovative and rapid progress has been made in the bed industry over the last 20 years to provide the most comfort inducing mattress fillings, the life of your mattress is a huge consideration in terms of durability and value, another is mattress care and assurance that the most environmentally friendly materials and methods have been used in mattress construction.

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Heads Up!

rectangular padded headboard with squared pattern

A Headboard is the perfect way to add personality to your home. A tufted headboard can add glamour to a staid space. Here’s a tip from Good Housekeeping. “If you go bold with one element of the room then keep the others neutral.“

After creating a comfortable space you then need to add your personality, your bedroom is an extension of who you are, so do not hold back in expressing your personal style. At the same time, you should bear in mind that a cluttered room does not create peace of mind! Click here to take a look at our extensive range

3 single bed bases. an ottoman, a base with sliding doors and base with drawers

Take a look at a variety of bed bases to choose something suitable to your space and storage requirements.Click here.

The bed is in the frame!

wooden bed frame with dressed mattress on

This item will have influence over your choice of furniture and accessories for your Bedroom Design, if you are unsure of what to choose take a tip from designer Kelly Wearster “go to your closet and whatever colour you wear the most that is the colour you will love!”

Another tip from Good Housekeeping Magazine “a classic wrought iron bed frame is the perfect piece for a country themed master bedroom, choosing a theme will help you in selecting furnishings and decor”


Here is some more inspiration. We have found some more ideas and tips for you!

luxury bedroom setting, bed on deep rug

Take a look at this fabulous modern design!  Click Here for more.

bed frame in bedroom next to large sliding door mirrored wardrobe

Here is a contemporary bedroom which is suitable for couples. It is a cross between a high end bedroom design and a hotel.

wooden bed with storage underneath all lit up in bedroom with hard floor

Take a look at this modern and unique design, we hope this inspires you to celebrate your own personal style!

fabric bed in modern bedroom with roman numerals on wall above bed

How about this! The exposed brick wall with art work looks great!

bedroom setting with dressed bed frame large poster of racing car above bed

Here is another idea to celebrate your personal style. Follow this link for more inspiring ideas

We hope this blog has inspired you to start your re- design and if you have any queries about  building your new bed please do not hesitate to contact us. Click Here.

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