Bright Ideas for Expanding Green Credentials

three lightbulbs in green one with world globe and recycle arrows

Bright ideas for expanding their green credentials

In the quest to be ‘more green in 2018’, Sussex Beds has come up with bright ideas for expanding their green credentials. They have installed Eco-LED lights in half of their branches - with the remaining stores soon to follow. The simple change has already seen a significant reduction in energy bills by 39%. This all goes towards building on the company’s green credentials.LED ceiling lighting in bed showroom

Sussex Beds is no stranger to trying to make a positive impact to the planet. Since 1998 the company has been recycling up to 90% of the materials old beds and mattresses are made from.

The business also instructs an independent company that’s committed to sustainability, to dispose of its cardboards and plastics. This approach results in 97.8% of the waste being recycled and not put into landfill.

Steve Pickering, MD of Sussex Beds, said, “We are committed to making positive changes for the benefit of the environment. Diminishing heat leakage, while still offering the perfect lighting for our customers, demonstrates another way we are striving to make a difference. We look forward to executing further plans in the very near future.”