Is Your Bed Revealing More Than Hospital Corners?

young women laying on her front on a mattress

If you’ve ever stayed with friends or family, you’ll know the peculiar feeling of spending the night in someone else’s bed.   The chances of having the same comfortable mattress or togged quilt are slim. Many people wake the following morning feeling far less refreshed than normal. Is your bed revealing more than hospital corners?

Beds and mattresses are a very individual choice. However, experts agree that there’s more than just comfort and style we should be analysing as beds can reveal hidden elements of our personalities. Here we open the doors on what your bed is secretly disclosing about you.

Colour of sheets

Everyone has their personal preference on the colour and print of their duvet covers.  Do we choose these to go with our rooms, or are our purchases pairing us with our personalities?  According to if you have crisp white sheets you’re a free spirit. Those picking pink are flirty and purple indicates being intuitive.  For colours that come close to nature, green means you’re a good problem solver. Brown shows a person is comfortable and secure. Blue is stable and compassionate and yellow, unsurprisingly shows cheerfulness.  For those who opt for racier coloured sheets, red displays self-confidence and black demonstrates that they exercise restraint when making decisions.

It is also said that colours can expose whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert.  Apparently, if you surround yourself in warm happy tones like orange, pink and yellow you have an extroverted personality, where as more neutral shades like green and blue that have a calming effect, indicates an introvert.


If you’re up counting threads rather than sheep at night, you’re possibly sleeping on Egyptian Cotton sheets.  People who opt for this high-quality bed linen tend to be well travelled and admire themselves.  The reverse is said about those who choose winceyette though as these are homely people who like their creature comforts.

Make the bed

‘My Bed’ by Tracey Emin (a piece of controversial art that showed her own messy bed space) split the country’s opinion in 1998.  Either you leave the house and your bed reflects that of her art, or your bed will be made, and look pristine.  A survey of 68,000 people by revealed that 71 percent of bed makers said they were happy, while 62 per cent of non-bed makers considered themselves unhappy.  Bed makers are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel well rested. Non-bed-makers hate their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired. So, put a smile on your face and be sure to make the bed when you get up in the morning.


Contemporary or traditional, material or metal, headboards come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Whatever you opt for to frame the centre piece of your room see if your choice is divulging the true you.

A metal headboard is apparently the choice of sensible people who do not like nonsense.  However, it goes further as the type of metal used can tell us something different.  An iron headboard apparently displays modern taste but a brass headboard means a sense of fancifulness.  As a metal headboard is generally inexpensive compared to a wooden one, the choice to opt for this demonstrates the ability to buy beautiful items without being frivolous.

Wooden headboards scream classical taste and that the person wants to feel important and protected. A tall wooden headboard can express the need to be watched over or the person has an air of grandeur about them due to the extravagance.

People with a brightly colour fabric headboard illustrate adventure. Those with padded and upholstered bedheads like luxury in their life and tend to be more dramatic and decadent.

Those who are bang on trend with making their own out of recycled or upcycled products like pallets, are deemed to be very creative in bed too.

Finally, those who have a four-poster bed tend to be romantic, opulent, carefree, and confident.

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